Video: Dissatisfied customer throws hot soup in restaurant manager’s face

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Woman throws soup at restaurant worker in United States

A woman hit the manager of a Mexican restaurant in Temple, Texas, United States in the face with hot and spicy soup after becoming enraged to find that the plastic cap of the container had melted.

The anonymous customer was recorded throwing soup at Janelle Bruland, 24, after claiming the food was so bad it melted the lid.

The manager of Sol de Jalisco, a popular Mexican fast food chain, shared the episode on TikTok.

“The experience was heartbreaking and painful,” Broland said, according to the Daily Mail. “It broke my heart just to know that someone could do something horrible and then laugh about it,” she added, who tried to repay, but it ended. Even the customer ignored him.

The video clip shows Broland speaking to the angry customer, who was returning to the restaurant to complain, as she lifts the lid of the soup container and points it at her before throwing it abruptly at Janelle. The woman grabbed the man she was with and walked out the door, showing the footage which has gone viral since it aired on Wednesday (10/11). look

The director recalls, according to KCEN, “I remember feeling the heat of the soup and my eyes were burning. My nose was burning. I felt short of breath for a while. I was really in shock at it all.

Police rushed to the scene and Janelle filed a complaint. No date has been set for the case’s first hearing.

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