Voosh raises pre-seed funding and launches first virtual restaurant chain in India


Voosh has raised pre-seed funding led by Better Capital launches and launched India’s first virtual restaurant chain backed by its decentralized kitchen partners.

Voosh, India’s leading virtual restaurant brand company, recently raised pre-seed funding led by Better Capital. The company will use the fund to create Voosh OS products to optimize kitchen operations and expand to more than 50 kitchens.

Priyam Saraswat, Co-Founder and CEO of Voosh noted, “At Voosh, our goal is to create India’s most trusted family of uniquely delivery brands by meeting customer needs by location while enabling our restaurant kitchen partners to improve their monthly income. a win-win situation for our customers. as catering partners as we unlock demand and create personalized options based on time of day as well as location. “

Priyam Saraswat is an IIT Guwahati alumnus who led the launch of Oyo in China. He was previously the founder of a bike-sharing startup, Tazzobikes. Kshitiz Sanghi is an ISB alumnus and was part of the Samsung growth team. During his undergraduate studies, he also created a food start-up, which he expanded to 10 cities in India.

The unorganized catering market is over 90%, or roughly $ 80 billion, and growing day by day. Due to lack of data driven planning and execution, India executes 2 million orders / payment compared to 40 million orders / day delivered by China. Voosh bridges the gap by incorporating a data-driven approach and a lightweight asset model to monitor and improve menus, pricing and customer satisfaction.

“Delivery is resolved. Food is not,” noted Vaibhav Domkundwar, CEO and Founder, Better Capital.

“With a strong food delivery network in place, Voosh is innovating with a unique decentralized kitchen partner model to deliver high quality and affordable food brands to customers while empowering independent restaurateurs with a profitable business model. We are delighted to partner with Voosh from ground zero, ” he added.

Currently, Voosh is partnering with independent restaurants as cloud kitchens and delivering food using Voosh OS, a technology-driven model for ensuring compliance and operational efficiency.

Voosh OS observes a strict compliance and certification process for all of its kitchens to ensure quality and hygiene. It also ensures streamlined operations in every kitchen, from order management and supply chain pricing and discounts.

With a Voosh-branded location nearby, customers will get a consistent taste and experience as well as a wide range of cuisines as the company plans to build food-focused sites and brands.

Voosh currently operates out of 8 locations in Bangalore.


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