Waitresses criticize uniforms of famous restaurant chain: ‘Underwear’

The Hooters Girls protest polarized social media, with part of the public defending female employees and another saying they should look for other employment. (Photo: @ carrlee.j / Tik Tok / reproduction)

The Hooters restaurant chain opened in the 1980s in the United States with the motto “Great food, cold beer, on-screen sports and of course Hooters Girls.” Since then, the waitresses who work on site have worn short, tight-fitting, low-necked clothes. But now a new change has occurred.

The workers themselves went to Tik Tok to complain after the company replaced the shorts, which were already small, with models that looked like panties, as the videos report. Not the most seen, with 4.3 million likes and over 26k comments, the waitress at the @ carrlee.j account is laughing.

The text covering the photo reads: “When we are hired we are asked to make sure our butt is covered, but now they give it to us. ”

The complaint echoed and more and more entrepreneurs at the company felt encouraged to share their thoughts on the uniform change. Student Kirsten does one of the most popular voiceovers on the platform and jokes, “We know someone named Kirsten wants to drop everything and blame the new shorts,” she says.

In another post, she wore two versions of the shorts so that followers are aware of the difference between them.

The third waitress, who has the profile @lexiusxoxo, just made a joke “The new Hooters panties are here,” she said as she pulled on a bikini model.

my choice

Far from being the brand’s first controversy, opinions are divided on social networks. While some of the public were surprised that these restaurants still existed in 2021 with their proposal, other people said the girls “know where they’re hired, and if they’re not happy they should quit and look for a job. new job”.

More than a week after the first publications and the surge of the number in newspapers in several countries, the restaurant chain issued a note saying that workers could choose the dress style they prefer.

“As we continue to listen to and update the Hooters Girls image, we clarify that they have the option of choosing between a traditional outfit or a new outfit,” the text provided to the Insider Portal reads. Local newspapers viewed this statement as a backlash.

The memo also states that the change was made in conjunction with a team of employees and tested at restaurants in Texas. The text also states that the company “appreciates feedback, both positive and negative, regarding a more comfortable and inclusive image policy on tattoos, jewelry, nails and hairstyles, as well as new options for hair styling. uniform – to include new styles, shorts and socks. ”

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