What happened to the Beefsteak Charlie’s restaurant chain?

According to retroist, among Chessar’s classic catchphrases with customers was “I’ll feed you like there’s no tomorrow!” A bit intimidating? Sure. But dripping with all the sincerity and moxy you could ask for from your corner joint.

So what happened to Beefsteak Charlie’s? Like so many icons, they have faded over time. In 1985, they signed a merger with Bombay Palace Restaurants and slipped away like a sunset so beautiful it makes you cry. By the time they closed their windows for good in 1987, Beefsteak Charlie’s had grown to more than 60 pitches.

Beefsteak Charlie’s legacy has long survived physical stores. by Todd Rundgren”Boogies (Hamburger Hell)” pays homage to the joint. It opens with the line “Beefsteak Charlie says to Porky the Pig, ‘I can see the party lights.'” In the sitcom Friends (Season 4, Episode 13, “The One With Rachel’s Crush”), Chandler convinces himself that his girlfriend cheated on him and gets drunk on a Beefsteak Charlie’s. It’s the same way The delicatessen of Katzalthough still in business, lives in When Harry Met Sally (1989). Sitting in a favorite sandwich shop is like sitting in your own living room, and no one loves a good sandwich shop like a New Yorker.

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