Woman charged with assault and disorderly conduct for slapping Columbus restaurant manager

Bria’Janay K. Clinton received a subpoena for assault and disorderly conduct.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A woman is facing charges after she allegedly slapped a Columbus restaurant manager over a problem with the credit card machine.

According to the Columbus Police Division, 28-year-old Bria’Janay K. Clinton received a subpoena for assault and disorderly conduct.

The incident happened on December 2 at Kai’s Crab Boil on Bethel Road.

Manager Courtney Hickey said the customer came for takeout. The customer inserted her chip credit card to pay but removed it too soon.

This meant that the transaction had pinged his bank account for pre-authorization. Hickey tried to explain that this transaction would be removed from her account, but she says the customer was still upset.

“After trying to explain all of this, she kinda hit me,” Hickey said. “I was certainly surprised when it happened, but yeah, I didn’t expect it.”

Surveillance video of the incident provided to 10TV shows the customer punching Hickey in the side of the face with an open hand, knocking off his glasses and then turning to walk out the door.

“It was just more surprising because it came out of nowhere,” she said. “I had no marks and no serious damage or anything.”

Restaurant owners decided to post surveillance video of the incident on social media, asking for the public’s help in identifying the customer.

“I completely understand the customer, their frustrations with payment, but when someone tries to explain to you what happened, and you take it upon yourself to punch that person out of nowhere – they’re basically a sucker – hit her – it’s just, it’s just terrible,” co-owner Tiffany Cho said. “And I can’t even express how angry it makes me that this happened to one of our employees.”

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